The NALEO Board Nominations Committee seeks nominations from NALEO members to fill six vacancies for the NALEO Board Class of 2020. The NALEO By Laws provide for three staggered classes of Board members and a limit of two three-year terms. In June, six NALEO Board members will complete their term of service on the NALEO Board, creating six vacancies that must be filled at the Board’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

Submitting a Nomination

Individuals interested in being considered for nomination must complete the application online (below) and email a letter of interest and a resume and/or biography to the Nominations Committee at no later than Friday, February 24, 2017, 5:00 p.m. Pacific. The letter of interest should specifically address how the nominee would fulfill the responsibilities of Board membership that are articulated below. Self-nominations are welcome.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

The NALEO By Laws require that all Board Members be NALEO members in good standing with their dues to NALEO paid in full. Annual dues are $100; Lifetime dues are $1,000. NALEO Board Members are strongly encouraged to become NALEO Lifetime Members.
The NALEO by laws require that the composition of the Board reflect the diversity of the NALEO constituency, including Hispanic national origin, partisan affiliation, gender, level of government, and geographic representation. This year the Committee will give priority to candidates as follows:

Hispanic national origin: Other than Mexican American

Partisan affiliation: Republican

Gender: Female

Level of Government: Statewide officials, school board members, higher education trustees, appointed officials (such as commissioners, law enforcement officials, etc.)

Geographic Representation: New Mexico, New York, Texas, Midwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest
The Nominations Committee gives strong consideration to NALEO members who are active in the organization, including regularly attending the NALEO Annual Conference and who have participated in the programs of the NALEO Educational Fund, including the NALEO Policy Institutes.

Board Member Responsibilities:

Members of the NALEO Board of Directors are expected to:

Be NALEO members in good standing with their dues paid in full, NALEO Lifetime Membership is strongly encouraged;
Actively assist in fundraising for the programs of the NALEO Educational Fund, fulfilling an annual “give or get” requirement in contributions of at least $2,500;
Cover their own costs to attend NALEO meetings as a dual means of achieving increased director “give or get” requirements and as a cost savings contribution to the organization;
Regularly attend Board meetings that are held in conjunction with the NALEO Edward R. Roybal Legacy Gala and the NALEO Annual Conference. Additional meetings are held from time to time;
Participate in at least one Board Committee. Committee Meetings are generally held through conference calls;
Remain nonpartisan in their official role as a NALEO Board member.

The Board Nominations and Elections Process

The NALEO Board Nominations Committee solicits and reviews candidates for vacant positions. The Committee submits nominees to the full Board for election at the NALEO Board of Directors Annual Meeting in June. Such candidates are elected by a majority of a quorum of the voting Board Members.


Questions about the nominations and selection process, criteria, and other related issues can be directed to Ana Villegas at or to Arturo Vargas, NALEO Executive Director at 213-747-7606, or via email at


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