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Established in 1976, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) is a 501(c)(4) nonpartisan membership organization whose constituency includes
the nation’s more than 6,000 elected and appointed Latino officials.

The NALEO Educational Fund is the nation’s leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that facilitates full Latino participation in the American political process, from citizenship to
public service. Established in 1981, the NALEO Educational Fund is making significant contributions to the progress of the nation’s 45.5 million Latinos.

  • The NALEO Educational Fund achieves its mission through integrated strategies that include increasing the
    effectiveness of Latino policymakers, mobilizing the Latino community to engage in civic life, and promoting
    policies that advance Latino civic engagement.

  • Our flagship program is the biennial NALEO National Institute for Newly Elected Officials, which is a national training
    seminar.  Held in Washington, D.C., the Institute is an intensive three-day orientation to public service for 60 newly
    elected officials from across the country, representing all levels office.

  • The NALEO Education Leadership Initiative (NELI) assists the nation’s Latino elected and appointed officials with
    technical assistance, training, and networking opportunities designed to increase their governance skills and effectiveness
    as education policymakers and advocates.  The NELI Institutes provide training on the topics of higher education access,
    bridging the education gap, and early childhood education.

  • The NALEO Healthy Communities Initiative (NHCI) develops Latino policymakers to become effective health advocates
    to create healthy communities, eliminate childhood obesity, and promote the health and vitality of the communities they serve.

  • NALEO California Health Leadership Program (NCHLP) fosters a cadre of Latino policymakers who are poised to
    assume positions of leadership to directly affect the well-being of Latinos throughout the state of California. 
    Over the course of a year, NCHLP participants attend four Leadership Group meetings, which provide them with the
    necessary tools to form an action plan to implement policies aimed to build healthy communities. 

  • The NALEO Policy Institutes on Sustainable Communities enhance the capabilities of Latino elected and appointed
    officials to be effective leaders and advocates for their communities on issues such as housing, community revitalization,
    and economic development.

  • Recognized as the “Latino Political Convention”, the NALEO Annual Conference has evolved into a professional
    development program providing jurisdictional professional development training, non-partisan policy discussions,
    and an extensive networking forum.  The 30th Annual Conference will be held in Chicago, June 27-29, 2013.

  • Implemented in more than 20 cities across the United States, the Ya es hora ¡Ciudadanía! (It’s Time, Citizenship!)
    campaign has proved itself as a successful model for reaching the Latino community as it easily surpassed its goal
    of helping to mobilize one million legal permanent residents to apply for citizenship. 

  • The Ya es hora ¡Ve y Vota! (It’s Time, Go and Vote!) campaign sought to inform and motivate the Latino community
    to vote in the 2008 election.  With over 11.1 million Latinos exercising their right to vote, the bilingual informational
    hotline was critical to the record turnout with 35,745 calls placed from January 1-December 31, 2008 and over 25,000
    Latinos registering to vote on the campaign’s website, www.veyvota.org.

  • The NALEO Educational Fund provides national leadership for important public discussions on key issues that affect
    Latino participation in our political process, including immigration and naturalization, election reform, the Census,
    and the appointment of qualified Latinos to top executive and judicial positions.  Also, policymakers, at all levels of
    government, rely on the organization’s expertise to ensure that the perspectives of the Latino community are integrated
    into their policy proposals.

  • The NALEO Educational Fund is headquartered in Los Angeles, and maintains offices in Houston,
    New York City, Washington, D.C., Austin and Orlando.


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