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Strengthening Arizona’s Future: One Education Leader at a Time

Imagine landing a job that does not pay well, where the desired outcomes seem to constantly change.  There are no resources available to get the job done and you are accountable to countless “bosses” all of whom want different things.  Welcome to the life of a local school board member, a seemingly impossible job in an age of constant education reform efforts.

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#GivingTuesday 2017: “Getting help from NALEO was something big! NALEO is always there!”

For Maria del Rosario, learning English and attending civics classes at her local community college in San Antonio, Texas was the continuation of a dream she put on hold. 

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Latino Voters Are Tired of Dating…We’re Ready for a Commitment

The eligible Latino electorate is expected to reach 27.3 million this November, growing more than any other voting group since 2008. With its growing size, the Latino vote has become increasingly influential in deciding state and local races, even flipping states’ longstanding partisan alignment. 


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Citizenship Corner: Saul Anaya

For most of his life, Saul Anaya, 20, has called San Antonio, Texas home. His father, Jose Luis, was the first to arrive in the Lone Star State from Guanajuato, Mexico and went on to sponsor his wife and 5 children, including Saul, to join him in the U.S.

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Citizenship Corner: Saul Montoya

Forty years after arriving in the U.S. from Mexico, Saul Montoya, 57, decided it was time to apply for U.S. citizenship.  Saul started the path to citizenship because he wanted his voice to be heard and knows that the best way to make a difference in the country is by voting.  

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10 Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

Many legal permanent residents (LPR’s) who are eligible to become New Americans postpone their plans for a variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with a lack of a desire to become U.S. Citizens. In fact, a poll of LPR’s found that nine-in-ten (93%) Latino immigrants would naturalize if they could. 

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Welcome to the first-ever NALEO Educational Fund Blog!

Its official – NALEO Educational Fund has entered the blogosphere!


The launch of our newly redesigned website gives us the opportunity to offer you a deeper look at the scope of our work and provide a space for us to address some of the most pressing issues affecting Latinos and all Americans.


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