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Census 2010

NALEO's National Initiative to Achieve a Full Latino Count

ya es hora is an historic non-partisan Latino civic participation campaign launched as the Latino community’s action-oriented follow-up to the immigrant mobilizations of 2006. The campaign represents the largest and most comprehensive effort to incorporate Latinos as full participants in the American political process. Unlike past approaches which focused on either naturalization or voter registration,
this multi-layered campaign takes a comprehensive approach that links naturalization to voter participation under a single message: “it’s time.”

The historic Ya Es Hora campaign will now expand its focus to include the 2010 Census.
The expansion will make the Ya Es Hora campaign one of the most comprehensive full circle civic participation campaigns in history.


The principal goal of the Ya Es Hora Hagase Contar initiative is to increase mail response rates among Latino households in the U.S. through a sustained and aggressive community education initiative.

  • Motivate the Latino community to take part in the 2010 Census. We cannot assume that
    Latinos are interested in or want to participate in the Census.

  • Mobilize the national, statewide, and local grassroots networks that have supported past
    phases of the Ya Es Hora campaign to help disseminate information about the 2010 Census
    and assist the community in being counted.

  • Amplify the impact of the bureau’s message by adding an independent and trusted community message focused on empowerment and protecting the future.

  • Through a coordinated effort between community organizations and Spanish language media expand the message platform to go beyond paid advertising to community programming and Spanish language media’s innovative infotorial programming.

Campaign Strategy

  • This phase of the campaign will seek to ensure that there is a comprehensive and concerted effort to achieve a full Latino count, particularly in recently emerging communities.

  • The Ya Es Hora model will allow for a seamless coordination between a massive network of community based organizations across the country and the preeminent Spanish language media companies (Univision, Entravision, and impreMedia).

  • Despite the intensive national effort that the US Census Bureau intends to mount during 2009 and 2010, ensuring a full count of the growing Latino population will require a community based effort to reduce any fears that dealing with a governmental entity might engender, particularly within emerging Latino communities characterized by high mobility and recently emigrated Latinos. Potential fears are further compounded by the increasingly xenophobic environment surrounding the immigration debate. Our campaign will leverage the tremendous trust that NALEO Educational Fund and Spanish language media command within the Latino community to provide information about the census and motivation to participate.

  • Our effort will pay particular attention to newly emerging Latino populations in the South (e.g. Northern/Central Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Washington) and within newly emerging areas in more established Latino states Central Valley (CA), Las Vegas (NV), and newly emerging regions in TX.

For more information on our efforts with the 2010 Census, please contact us:

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