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National Policy Institute on Economic Success for Working Families & Children
April 27-29, 2012
Pasadena, CA


NALEO National

Economic Policy Institute


November 14-17, 2011 | Chicago, Illinois

In Partnership with

The Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management
at Northwestern University

The NALEO Educational Fund, in partnership with The Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University, is proud to present the first NALEO National Economic Policy Institute. A pilot initiative, the three-and-a-half day intensive seminar will bring together a cohort of 40-50 Latino state legislators, county and municipal officials to learn about, initiate, advocate, and mobilize in favor of more effective public finance management.

To preserve the financial security of a jurisdiction, elected officials must possess an understanding of how local government is financed as well as the skills to evaluate policy and legislative options. In these extraordinarily difficult economic times, policymakers do not have the luxury of time to master the principles and subtleties of budgeting and public financing. As the principal convener of Latino policymakers, the NALEO Educational Fund in partnership with the Kellogg School has designed curriculum to strengthen the governance capacity of Latino policymakers in the critical areas of finance, policy and management.

Latino elected officials, in their capacity as decision makers, play a critical role in setting the financial guidelines and policy for public administrators to follow in delivering local services and pension fund management. Upon the completion of the curriculum, the Kellogg School will provide participants with a certificate of completion.

How to Apply:

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for participation:
Be a current NALEO member; Currently serve as a state legislator, county or municipal official; Represent a jurisdiction with a population size greater than 500,000 people (Urban).

We encourage qualifying NALEO members to apply for this unique opportunity. There is no fee for current NALEO members ($100 annual or $1,000 lifetime membership fee) to attend the NALEO National Economic Policy Institute
and travel scholarships are available to cover roundtrip airfare, as well
as a three-night hotel stay. Scholarships are limited and available through a short application process. Scholarship recipients are required to attend all Institute sessions and related post-Institute activities.

For more information, please contact:
Mrs. Alma Siliezar-Perez
Constituency Services Program Manager
(213) 747-7606, ext. 4428
or via email: asiliezar@naleo.org.

Session Descriptions

Public Finance – In this session, participants will be exposed to the tools and concepts of microeconomics to analyze how state and local governments operate and how their decisions affect the business environment. Specific topics to be addressed could include: tax increment financing, the effect of taxes on economic development, best practices for state and local governments in dealing with fiscal crises.

Understanding Financial Statements – Many elected officials have moved into leadership positions because of their commitment to their constituents. Often, these leaders have not had significant management or business training in specific skills like financial management. This session will address the key principles of financial management including understanding financial statements and the trends represented by the numbers, predicting the financial implications of managerial decisions, and learning to work more effectively with financial executives.

Ethics in Governance – Ethical behavior is a critical issue facing all leaders, particularly those in the public sector. This session will examine strategies for managing issues that have ethical implications. It will not teach right from wrong but rather discuss the conflict in interpretations of what is right. The NALEO participants will explore case studies that will enable them to develop guidelines to sort through complicated decisions and potential conflicts they have as policymakers.

Pension Funds – A critical area of finance is the role that pension funds have and will play in the financial future of states, municipalities and other legislative districts. This session will provide an overview of the current situation and address the critical issues that legislators need to understand to help guide their communities to financial stability and success. This academic session will be complimented by a panel moderated by practitioners and featuring experts in this area.

Negotiations & Decision Making – Elected officials deal with a wide variety of constituents and create key partnerships including those with media, community leaders, national sponsors, etc. Often, these are not easy decisions and require a clear understanding of the values and goals of the organization and the goals of the potential partners. This session offers participants the opportunity to develop better decisionmaking skills experientially and is designed to be relevant to a broad spectrum of decisions. The session will be very interactive and include several exercises.

Crisis Management – Successful leaders have recognized that challenges are best mastered by a commitment to value-based management. However, simply "doing the right thing" is not enough. Rather, organizations increasingly find themselves as targets of aggressive legal action, media coverage and social pressure. Organizations must be prepared to handle rapidly changing environments and anticipate potential threats. This requires a deep understanding of the strategic complexities in managing various stakeholders and constituencies. To confront participants with these challenges in a realistic fashion, this session would be structured around a rich set of challenging case studies and crisis simulation exercises.

Public Policy and Economics – To be an effective leader in today's complex world requires an understanding of the important public policy issues facing society. Elected officials need to understand society's problems and the range of possible public solutions and policies in order to know how to influence, incorporate and respond to public actions. This session will enable participants to understand, analyze and take the perspective of government and non-government organizations as they attempt to alleviate societal problems.

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Community Financial Services Association


Opening Reception Host:
MillerCoors LLC

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