NALEO National Policy Institute on
Emergency Response and Management

November 22-24, 2013 | Orlando, Florida

No individual or community is exempt from disasters or disaster-related losses. Now with disaster becoming more common and costly - and with some areas enduring multiple disasters - the importance of building community resilence has never been greater. Policymakers can play a critical role in making their communities more disaster resistant. This session will highlight ways elected officials can promote community preparedness and partner with government agencies, and community-based organizations to help their communities respond to and recover from storm events, mass casualties and other disasters, as well as helping to play an important role of information broker to immigrant and non-English speaking communities.

Executives, administrators and policy makers will be provided with a basic understanding of the incident command system, unified command, and multi-agency coordination. NALEO's policy institute is intended as a system overview for those responsible for setting or implementing policy.

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