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In the lead up to Election Day, there have been massive efforts to reach the Latino community from candidates, political parties and community organizations. The NALEO Educational Fund, along with partners of the ya es hora ¡Ve y Vota!
(It’s time. Go and vote!) campaign, has implemented an unprecedented voter engagement program to provide hundreds
of thousands of voters with vital information in both English and Spanish on all aspects of the electoral process; from registering to vote, to voter identification requirements, to finding their polling place.

The NALEO Educational Fund has prepared in-depth profiles of the Latino population of several key states, using Census 2010 data.

Although our national commitment to equal voting rights for all Americans is as old as the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution – ratified into law in 1870 – the task of ensuring faithfulness to that ideal has never ended. Nearly fifty years after the enactment of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), cities and states continue to devise election laws and policies that unfairly deny or impair the voting rights of Latinos, Americans not yet proficient in English, and other underrepresented groups.

Since its inception, the NALEO Educational Fund has worked to ensure that our nation's naturalization process is fair and accessible to our newcomers. We provide information to policymakers in Congress and the Administration about the impact of U.S. citizenship policies on Latino civic engagement. We also advocate against application fee hikes, and promote policies to improve the quality of services to applicants.The NALEO Educational Fund also advocates for immigration policies which both recognize the invaluable contributions that immigrants have made to the economic, social and civic life of the United States and restore public confidence in a system of laws that promotes national security.

Throughout their tenure, and particularly during times of transition following elections, Presidential administrations seek to fill more than 8,000 public service leadership and high-level support positions, and governing spots on advisory boards, commissions, and other bodies within the federal government. The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund is committed to ensuring that the Obama Administration appoints qualified Latinos to top government positions, including those in the Executive Office of the President, Cabinet-level agencies, and the federal judiciary.


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