Poll Monitoring Toolkit



The right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights afforded to U.S. citizens.

Despite this fact, an increase in the number of restrictive voting laws at the state level has made it increasingly difficult for Latino voters and other underrepresented groups to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

In advance of the upcoming municipal and midterm elections, NALEO Educational Fund has launched a national voting rights education initiative to ensure Latino voters know and understand their rights. Essential to this effort is NALEO Educational Fund’s year-round bilingual hotline (888-VE-Y-VOTA), which will continue to provide voters with a critical resource to report and resolve any challenge faced at the polls. In 2012, the hotline captured more than 21,000 calls from voters.

In addition to the hotline, NALEO Educational Fund has also released a poll monitoring toolkit that will serve as an additional resource for groups interested in protecting the rights of voters by recruiting and training volunteers to serve as poll monitors on Election Day.


Included in the toolkit are the following items:






NALEO Educational Fund extends its thanks to Common Cause, for providing collaboration
and feedback on the Poll Monitoring Toolkit. In addition, we thank The Ford Foundation, whose
support made this toolkit possible.


For inquiries, please contact civicengagement@naleo.org. For media inquiries, please contact Amanda Bosquez at abosquez@naleo.org.