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The NALEO Educational Fund, the nation's leading organization that facilitates the full participation of Latinos in the American political process, continually strives to produce timely and relevant research and information to enhance the work of our constituency, policymakers, advocates, and the general public. Below are links to several reports you can download in PDF format.


Latino Voters At Risk (PDF)

Election 2012: Latino Opportunities in State Legislatures (PDF)

2012 Election Profile: Latina Voters (PDF)

2012 Latino Election Handbook (PDF)

Latino Opportunities in Congress: Profile of Latino Congressional Candidates (PDF)

NALEO Voting Rights Act Report

Catalysts and Barriers to Attaining Citizenship: An Analysis of ya es hora ¡CIUDADANIA!

Monograph: Latino Legislative Hearing on Pre-K and the Early Grades

Guide to U.S. Citizenship (English)

Guia Para La Ciudadania (Spanish)

2008 Ya es hora! Latino Voter Forums Report

Survey Finds Immigration Issue Driving Latinos to the Polls

The ESL Logjam: Waiting Times for Adult ESL Classes and the Impact on English Learners NALEO Educational Fund

"I Was Asked If I Was A Citizen": Latino Elected Officials Speak Out on the Voting Rights Act

Voces de Nueva York: NALEO Educational Fund 2009 New York City Voter Forum Report

Election 2008: Post-Election Profile

2008 Latino Election Handbook

2008 Latino Political Handbook

2008 Latino Voter Survey

2008 Latino Election Profiles

Profile of Latino Elected Officials in the United States and their Progres Since 1996

2007 Directory of Latino Elected Officials

Early "Super Duper Tuesday" Presents Historic Opportunity for Decisive Latino Role in 2008 Presidential Nominations

NALEO Educational Fund’s 2006 Report to The Ford Foundation

2006 Primary Election Profiles

NALEO Educational Fund Health Tool Kit on Obesity

2008 State of Latino Education Report

2nd Annual NALEO Report on the State of Latino Education

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